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  • A man holding a piece of tissue to his nose
    11/05/2020 - bremerbouman 4 Comments
    How Your HVAC System Can Help With Your Allergies

    Spring has sprung and to some, that means allergies. With pollen and other irritants in the air, this can be a more difficult time for those who suffer from seasonal allergies. Luckily, your HVAC system can be used to help reduce symptoms. Whether your allergies are consistent or only occur seasonally, here are some examples and tips on how your HVAC system can help with allergy relief.

    High-Quality Filters

    To optimize your HVAC system’s ability to help with allergy relief, buy high-quality, durable air filters. When purchasing a filter for your HVAC unit, take note of a few key details. Depending on the brand, there are different terms to look for on the packaging. This can include MERV, FPR, and MPR. These ratings are all fairly similar and followed by a numerical figure that measures a filter’s effectiveness and efficiency. The higher the number, the stronger the filter. High-grade filters can help prevent several different types of allergens and air pollutants from affecting your home’s indoor air quality. If you suffer from allergies, this is the first change to make to your system. Before purchasing, ensure that your system can handle the reinforced filters, as older models can only handle classic fiberglass filters.

    Clean Your Vents and Ducts

    Over time, your vents will accumulate dust, dander, and other airborne allergens. Make sure to regularly clean your vents as well as your return ducts. This will also help make sure that your system is working at its full capacity and receiving all of the air it needs to properly circulate and filter the air in your home.

    Monitor the Humidity

    The humidity of your environment can impact how severely allergens will affect you. If you suffer from allergies, invest in a thermostat that also monitors humidity or purchase a separate humidity-monitoring device. If levels are too high or low, you may want to consider getting a humidifier or a dehumidifier the properly control the humidity in your home.

    By following these tips, you can better cope with your allergies and the symptoms that they cause this season. If you are in need of any advice on how to improve your home’s air quality or are in need of a new HVAC system, Bremer & Bouman Heating and Cooling, Inc. is here for residents of West Michigan. Give us a call today to schedule heating and cooling services from the experts.

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  • A man changing an A/C filter
    19/03/2020 - bremerbouman 2 Comments
    HVAC System Spring Cleaning Checklist

    Homeowners may neglect their HVAC systems during the winter. But, as warm weather approaches, it’s time to make sure heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems are operating efficiently. A simple maintenance and cleaning checklist can help detect and address HVAC problems in time for spring.

    Clear the Outdoor Area

    Clearing the area around an outdoor HVAC system can help maximize air circulation. Grass, bushes, and twigs near the unit should be well maintained and never touch or crowd it. Fallen leaves and any other debris accumulated around the condenser coils should also be swept and removed.

    Change the Filters

    Air filters need to be changed about every three months to maintain high air quality and keep the system running efficiently. Before changing filters, homeowners should check the manufacturer’s guide for exact cleaning and care instructions. If the filter is in a hard-to-access place, a professional can be hired to do the job.

    Cleaning the Ductwork

    Most HVAC maintenance work can be done by homeowners, but tasks such as cleaning and repairing the ductwork require a professional. Duct leaks can make a home’s air feel dusty and humid; they also waste energy by filling unoccupied areas (think in between walls) with air. Preventative ductwork inspection and cleaning should be done every three to four years.

    An efficient HVAC system helps you and your family enjoy the beautiful spring and summer months comfortably. Bremer & Bouman Heating and Cooling, Inc. has been serving Southwest Michigan since 1955 and offers maintenance, repair, and other services to keep your HVAC system running smoothly all year. If you’re in need of maintenance or other cooling and heating services, contact us today.

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  • A grey and back AC system sitting outside on the side of a house
    16/08/2019 - bremerbouman 5 Comments
    Should You Repair or Replace Your AC System?

    Michigan’s long, hot summer days have arrived, and keeping cool is the number one priority. But when the air conditioner starts to struggle, it’s time to decide whether to repair it or invest in a new unit. Here are some factors that can make it easier for homeowners to decide which option is best.

    How Old Is the System?

    Just about any air conditioner problem can be solved, but the real trick is knowing if it’s worth it. The first factor to look at is age. Most AC units have a lifespan of about 15 years. For homeowners who have invested in repairs year after year, it’s probably not worth repairing an old system. But if this is the first problem, a quick repair may be all the unit needs to keep running. At any time, if the cost of repair nears or exceeds the $5,000 price, it’s probably worth buying a new one.

    Which Refrigerant Does the Unit Use?

    Another factor to consider is whether the existing AC uses R-22 or R-410a refrigerant. R-22 has been phased out in newer units due to its impact on the ozone layer; R-410a, a more environmentally friendly option, should take its place. A low supply of R-22 means higher prices; the cost of topping off this refrigerant is enough for some homeowners to upgrade. A new unit is not only good for the environment—it’s also good for the wallet!

    Is It an Efficient Unit?

    When it comes to energy efficiency, there’s a noticeable difference between today’s AC units and those manufactured a decade ago. Energy efficiency plays a role in expenses for your AC unit’s maintenance; an inefficient 10-year-old unit can be a drain on the power bill, while a new model can pay for itself in energy savings. Regular preventive maintenance can improve energy efficiency and extend the life of an air conditioner, so always seek the opinion of an HVAC company before choosing AC replacement.

    Get a Professional Opinion Today

    If your air conditioner is struggling in this scorching heat, Bremer & Bouman Heating and Cooling, Inc. offers AC repair and replacement services to help keep your home or office cool. We’ll fix your existing unit if appropriate or help you find a new model from Daikin or another top manufacturer. Contact Bremer & Bouman Heating and Cooling, Inc. today at (616) 396-7716 to request a free estimate on your AC system.

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  • wifi thermostat set on 63
    24/06/2019 - bremerbouman 0 Comments
    How Homeowners Benefit from a Wi-Fi Thermostat

    Over the last few decades, the internet has changed how people connect with one another, watch television and movies, and even how they cool and heat their homes. Wi-Fi thermostats give homeowners more control over their residential AC and heating systems while providing a number of benefits. Here are a few.

    Lower Energy Costs

    Perhaps the biggest benefit of Wi-Fi thermostats is that they can dramatically lower the energy expenses of a house. They do so by automatically adjusting the temperature based on who’s at home, the time of day, and whether activity levels are high or low. They can also analyze a residential air conditioning and heating system’s patterns and automatically take advantage of energy-saving opportunities.

    Customized Comfort

    In addition to saving energy, Wi-Fi thermostats are endlessly customizable and adaptable to a family’s preferences. Controlling the temperature remotely from a smart device means that adjusting the thermostat at a moment’s notice is simple and convenient. Wi-Fi thermostats keep the home as cool or as warm as everyone wants whenever they want, even during the fierce winters of Holland, Michigan.

    Maintenance and Service Reminders

    An improperly maintained residential AC system or heating system can lead to high energy bills and poor system performance. Wi-Fi thermostats eliminate this problem by reminding homeowners when it’s time to change air filters, schedule maintenance, and even when the system needs more serious HVAC services. With a Wi-Fi thermostat, families never need to worry that their cooling and heating system is underperforming or in need of attention.

    Compatibility With Other Smart Devices?

    For even more functionality, Wi-Fi thermostats can be linked to other smart devices in the home. Connect one to a smart speaker, for example, and the temperature can be controlled using voice commands. Smart air purifiers and humidifiers can also link up with Wi-Fi thermostats to be better used based on the home’s temperature and air quality.

    A Wi-Fi thermostat is a great way to control an AC or heating system installed and maintained by Bremer & Bouman Heating and Cooling, Inc. For over 60 years, we have provided the products, services, and professional knowledge that homeowners need for efficient home heating and cooling. Learn more by contacting us online or calling 616-396-7716 today.

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  • Product Spotlight: Daikin
    18/04/2019 - bremerbouman 0 Comments
    Product Spotlight: Daikin

    Daikin is the world’s leading air conditioning company, with products sold in over 140 countries in every corner of the globe. Daikin is well-known for its innovative spirit and high-quality products.

    A History of Innovation 

    Daikin’s roots go back nearly 100 years ago to its founding in Japan in 1924. In the 1950s and 60s, the company developed new coolant chemicals that drastically improved the efficiency of residential air conditioning systems. More recently, Daikin pioneered the variant refrigerant flow (VRF) technology that is now employed in HVAC systems worldwide. VRF systems alter the flow of refrigerants, while previous systems simply employed an on/off function. This variable flow means the system only operates as needed, resulting in huge energy savings.

    A Global Leader 

    Today, Daikin continues to pursue its passion for innovation that built the company. In 2015, Daikin established its Technology and Innovation center in Osaka. This state-of-the-art large-scale collaborative research laboratory was built to develop new products that tackle the most pressing concerns of today’s consumers. In the United States, the Daikin Texas Technology Park is the world’s fifth-largest factory and another major research and design center. Engineers from around the world work together at Daikin to design products with improved energy efficiency that are good for the environment and the consumer’s budget.

    Bremer & Bouman Heating and Cooling, Inc. is proud to partner with Daikin and provide top-quality products to customers. We are the authorized Daikin dealer serving Ottawa, Allegan, and Van Buren counties in Southwest Michigan. Since 1955, we have been in the business of helping families stay comfortable. Whether it’s keeping cool in the heat of summer or staying warm in the winter with our furnaces and fireplaces, Bremer & Bouman Heating and Cooling, Inc. has you covered. Contact us at 616-396-7716 to learn more.

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  • 17/05/2017 - bremerbouman 6 Comments
    Site Launch

    Our new website is finally up. We’ve worked hard to get a beautiful new site ready and we’re proud to show it off. Thanks for reading our blog. We have lots of great blog posts in the works. Please check back or contact us now to find out how we can help you.

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