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HVAC System Spring Cleaning Checklist

Homeowners may neglect their HVAC systems during the winter. But, as warm weather approaches, it’s time to make sure heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems are operating efficiently. A simple maintenance and cleaning checklist can help detect and address HVAC problems in time for spring.

Clear the Outdoor Area

Clearing the area around an outdoor HVAC system can help maximize air circulation. Grass, bushes, and twigs near the unit should be well maintained and never touch or crowd it. Fallen leaves and any other debris accumulated around the condenser coils should also be swept and removed.

Change the Filters

Air filters need to be changed about every three months to maintain high air quality and keep the system running efficiently. Before changing filters, homeowners should check the manufacturer’s guide for exact cleaning and care instructions. If the filter is in a hard-to-access place, a professional can be hired to do the job.

Cleaning the Ductwork

Most HVAC maintenance work can be done by homeowners, but tasks such as cleaning and repairing the ductwork require a professional. Duct leaks can make a home’s air feel dusty and humid; they also waste energy by filling unoccupied areas (think in between walls) with air. Preventative ductwork inspection and cleaning should be done every three to four years.

An efficient HVAC system helps you and your family enjoy the beautiful spring and summer months comfortably. Bremer & Bouman Heating and Cooling, Inc. has been serving Southwest Michigan since 1955 and offers maintenance, repair, and other services to keep your HVAC system running smoothly all year. If you’re in need of maintenance or other cooling and heating services, contact us today.


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