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Why Daikin? It's The Best!


We Are The Daikin Dealer in Your Neighborhood

Did you know Daikin is a global manufacturing leader in air conditioning sales? Daikin has sold over $10 billion worth of products since 1924, and continues to keep families like yours comfortable even during the most extreme heat waves.

Daikin-logo-acWhen Daikin came to Holland looking for a partner, they chose Bremer & Bouman because the two businesses have a lot in common — including long-standing reputations for value and quality and a passion for keeping people comfortable in their homes and at work.

Daikin is the true industry leader meeting a wide range of air conditioning needs across the globe. No matter what the temperature, space, or climate, Daikin delivers.

"Daikin is the only manufacturer involved in all facets of manufacture, sale, and servicing of wide range air conditioning products, systems and also refrigerants," said Randy Czerkies, president of Bremer & Bouman Heating & Cooling. "Daikin and our team are experts in providing control over the four elements of air including temperature, humidity, airflow, and cleanliness."

“We are proud of our partnership with Daikin,” said Randy Czerkies, president of Bremer & Bouman heating and cooling.

Daikin: Benefits & Facts

  • Stay cool and save money — Daikin air conditioners are energy efficient.
  • Rest assured — Daikin products have warranties second to none. Call for more information!
  • Join the crowd: Daikin has sold more air conditioning units than anyone else 2010 - 2012.
  • Sustainability and environmentally conscious company.
  • Invested $300 million in research and development.


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